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Tel Aviv University researchers ID lncRNAs in the auditory system, take step toward curing deafness


A new Tel Aviv University study solves a critical piece of the puzzle of human deafness by identifying the first group of long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) in the auditory system. “The research on long non-coding RNAs is crucial to understanding how gene expression and regulatory elements influence the auditory system,” says Prof. Karen Avraham, Vice Dean of TAU’s Sackler Faculty ...

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Genomic recycling: Ancestral genes take on new roles


One often hears about the multitude of genes we have in common with chimps, birds or other living creatures, but such comparisons are sometimes misleading. The shared percentage usually refers only to genes that encode instructions for making proteins – while overlooking regulatory genes, which nonetheless make up a large part of the genome. “Humans and fish, for instance, share ...

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