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Knockdown of Nuclear-Located Enhancer RNAs and Long ncRNAs Using Locked Nucleic Acid GapmeRs


The human genome is widely transcribed outside of protein-coding genes, producing thousands of noncoding RNAs from different subfamilies including enhancer RNAs. Functional studies to determine the role of individual genes are challenging with noncoding RNAs appearing to be more difficult to knockdown than mRNAs. One factor that may have hindered progress is that the majority of noncoding RNAs are thought ...

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‘Junk’ DNA plays role in preventing breast cancer

from Laboratory News – Dr Adele Murrell fills us in on a new approach to making sense of “junk” DNA and RNA “noise” to fight cancer.Our DNA is what makes us who we are and the central dogma underpinning genetics is that genes are encoded by DNA, the code is copied into RNA which is then decoded to build proteins. ...

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Upcoming Workshop – Measurement and analysis of mRNAs and long non-coding RNAs using next generation sequencing (RNA-Seq)

THIS ONE DAY COURSE is designed for scientists and clinicians with little or no experience in next generation sequencing. The course is run by leading experts and aims to provide the experimental and bioinformatics skills to measure and analysis the expression of mRNA and long non-coding RNA using next generation sequencing. We assume that sequencing will be performed by an external ...

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