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FARNA – knowledgebase of inferred functions of non-coding RNA transcripts


Non-coding RNA (ncRNA) genes play a major role in control of heterogeneous cellular behavior. Yet, their functions are largely uncharacterized. Current available databases lack in-depth information of ncRNA functions across spectrum of various cells/tissues. Here, researchers from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology present FARNA, a knowledgebase of inferred functions of 10,289 human ncRNA transcripts (2,734 microRNA and ...

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Long non-coding RNA-dependent transcriptional regulation in neuronal development and disease

Comprehensive analysis of the mammalian transcriptome has revealed that long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) may make up a large fraction of cellular transcripts. Recent years have seen a surge of studies aimed at functionally characterizing the role of lncRNAs in development and disease. In this review, the authors discuss new findings implicating lncRNAs in controlling development of the central nervous system ...

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TF2LncRNA: Identifying Common Transcription Factors for a List of lncRNA Genes from ChIP-Seq Data


High-throughput genomic technologies like lncRNA microarray and RNA-Seq often generate a set of lncRNAs of interest, yet little is known about the transcriptional regulation of the set of lncRNA genes. Here, based on ChIP-Seq peak lists of transcription factors (TFs) from ENCODE and annotated human lncRNAs from GENCODE, researchers from the Harbin Institute of Technology have developed a web-based interface ...

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