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Regulated expression of the lncRNA TERRA and its impact on telomere biology


The telomere protects against genomic instability by minimizing the accelerated end resection of the genetic material, a phenomenon that results in severe chromosome instability that could favor the transformation of a cell by enabling the emergence of tumor-promoting mutations. Some mechanisms that avoid this fate, such as capping and loop formation, have been very well characterized; however, telomeric non-coding transcripts, ...

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lncRNA TERRA RNA Antagonizes ATRX and Protects Telomeres

Through an integration of genomic and proteomic approaches to advance understanding of long noncoding RNAs, researchers from Harvard Medical School investigate the function of the telomeric transcript, TERRA. By identifying thousands of TERRA target sites in the mouse genome, they demonstrate that TERRA can bind both in cis to telomeres and in trans to genic targets. They then define a ...

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A practical qPCR approach to detect TERRA, the elusive telomeric repeat-containing lncRNA


Telomeres, the heterochromatic structures that protect the ends of the chromosomes, are transcribed into a class of long non-coding RNAs, telomeric repeat-containing RNAs (TERRA), whose transcriptional regulation and functions are not well understood. The identification of TERRA adds a novel level of structural and functional complexity at telomeres, opening up a new field of research. TERRA molecules are expressed at ...

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