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Next-Generation Sequencing Analysis of Long Noncoding RNAs


Next-generation sequencing approaches, in particular RNA-seq, provide a genome-wide expression profiling allowing the identification of novel and rare transcripts such as long noncoding RNAs (lncRNA). Many RNA-seq studies have now been performed aimed at the characterization of lncRNAs and their possible involvement in cell development and differentiation in different organisms, cell types, and tissues. Researchers from the National Institute of ...

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RNA-Seq analysis of lncRNAs

RNA-Seq is an approach to transcriptome profiling that uses deep-sequencing technologies to detect and accurately quantify RNA molecules originating from a genome at a given moment in time. In recent years, the advent of RNA-Seq has facilitated genome-wide expression profiling, including the identification of novel and rare transcripts like noncoding RNAs and novel alternative splicing isoforms. Advances in transcriptome reconstruction ...

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