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BRWLDA – bi-random walks for predicting lncRNA-disease associations


Increasing efforts have been done to figure out the association between lncRNAs and complex diseases. Many computational models construct various lncRNA similarity networks, disease similarity networks, along with known lncRNA-disease associations to infer novel associations. However, most of them neglect the structural difference between lncRNAs network and diseases network, hierarchical relationships between diseases and pattern of newly discovered associations. In ...

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IntNetLncSim – an integrative network analysis method to infer human lncRNA functional similarity

Increasing evidence indicated that long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) were involved in various biological processes and complex diseases by communicating with mRNAs/miRNAs each other. Exploiting interactions between lncRNAs and mRNA/miRNAs to lncRNA functional similarity (LFS) is an effective method to explore function of lncRNAs and predict novel lncRNA-disease associations. Researchers from Harbin Medical University have proposed an integrative framework, IntNetLncSim, to ...

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