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Webinar – lncRNA function and the use of Antisense LNA™ GapmeRs for knockdown of RNA


Watch our recent webinar and hear Dr. Zhen Xing from Liuqing Yang’s lab at MD Anderson Cancer Center present their work on long non-coding RNAs (lncRNA). In a recent Cell paper, they showed that knockdown of BCAR4 significantly reduced breast cancer metastasis in a mouse model. Hear about their approaches for the analysis of lncRNA function and get helpful tips. ...

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Small RNAs derived from lncRNA RNase MRP have gene-silencing activity

Post-transcriptional processing of some long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) reveals that they are a source of miRNAs. Researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine show that the 268 nt non-coding RNA component of Mitochondrial RNA Processing endoribonuclease, (RNase MRP) is the source of at least two short (∼20nt) RNAs designated RMRP-S1, and RMRP-S2, that function as miRNAs. Point mutations in ...

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The role of long non-coding RNA in transcriptional gene silencing

Transcriptional gene silencing controls the activity of transposable elements and expression of protein-coding genes. It requires non-coding transcription, which in plants is performed by RNA Polymerases IV and V (Pol IV and Pol V). Pol IV produces precursors for siRNA biogenesis while Pol V produces scaffold transcripts required for siRNAs and associated proteins to recognize their target loci. In this ...

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