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Emerging Trends of Long Non-coding RNAs in Gene Activation


RNA world has gained increasing importance in the recent past as its role beyond coding for proteins and components of translational machinery is becoming more and more prominent. Recent studies have shown pervasive transcription throughout the genome generating large number of non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) but few of these RNAs have been shown to perform regulatory functions. Among these regulatory RNAs, ...

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Featured Long Non-coding RNA – lincRNA-Cox2


An inducible program of inflammatory gene expression is central to antimicrobial defenses. Signal-dependent activation of transcription factors, transcriptional co-regulators, and chromatin modifying factors collaborate to control this response. Here, researchers from University of Massachusetts Medical School identify a long noncoding RNA that acts as a key regulator of this inflammatory response. Pattern recognition receptors such as the Toll-like receptors induce ...

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