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A deep learning method for lincRNA detection using auto-encoder algorithm


RNA sequencing technique (RNA-seq) enables scientists to develop novel data-driven methods for discovering more unidentified lincRNAs. Meantime, knowledge-based technologies are experiencing a potential revolution ignited by the new deep learning methods. By scanning the newly found data set from RNA-seq, scientists have found that: (1) the expression of lincRNAs appears to be regulated, that is, the relevance exists along the ...

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IPMiner – to predict lncRNA-protein interactions

Non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) play crucial roles in many biological processes, such as post-transcription of gene regulation. ncRNAs mainly function through interaction with RNA binding proteins (RBPs). To understand the function of a ncRNA, a fundamental step is to identify which protein is involved into its interaction. Therefore it is promising to computationally predict RBPs, where the major challenge is that ...

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