starBase v2.0 for decoding RNA interaction networks

starBase v2.0 for decoding miRNA-mRNA, miRNA-ceRNA, miRNA-lncRNA, miRNA-circRNA, miRNA-pseudogene and protein-RNA interaction networks from CLIP-Seq (HITS-CLIP, PAR-CLIP, iCLIP, CLASH) data.

starBase v2.0 also provides visualization, analysis, discovery and downloading of above-mentioned large-scale functional genomics data.

miRNA-lncRNA interaction Descriptions

You can browse the predicted miRNA-lncRNA interactions by scanning lncRNA sequences overlapping with CLIP-Seq peaks for potential microRNA targets (6mer-8mer) and then output the detail informations. Here, we just list the predicted miRNA-target interactions overlapped with CLIP-Seq data.


Li JH, Liu S, Zhou H, Qu LH* and Yang JH*. (2013) starBase v2.0: decoding miRNA-ceRNA, miRNA-ncRNA and protein-RNA interaction networks from large-scale CLIP-Seq data. Submitted.

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