Postdoc position available – imprinted non-coding RNAs in neurophysiology and disease

A postdoctoral position is immediately available in the Whipple laboratory at Harvard University to study the function of imprinted non-coding RNAs in neurophysiology and disease ( We seek a highly motivated individual with an interest in RNA biology, neurobiology, and/or computational biology to join our team.

Imprinted genes play important and complex roles in the development of the mammalian brain, including roles in growth, behavior, maternal care, and learning. The importance of imprinted genes in the brain is further highlighted by the wide variety of neural and behavioral phenotypes associated with their misexpression. Our laboratory is interested in understanding the function of small and long non-coding RNAs that are expressed from imprinted regions in neurons. We have developed an in vitro neuron differentiation system that allows for quantification of allelic expression and are using this system to decipher functions of imprinted long non-coding RNAs, microRNAs, and small nucleolar RNAs employing a variety of molecular, cellular, and transcriptomic assays.

Successful candidates will have recently obtained a Ph.D. in a relevant field, demonstrated productivity through publication, and be able to clearly convey difficult scientific concepts through excellent written and oral communication. Experience with bioinformatics is strongly encouraged.

To apply for the position, please submit a cover letter containing a description of your (1) previous/current research and (2) your future research interests. Also submit your CV including contact information for three references. Materials may be submitted to Amanda Whipple at amanda_whipple[at]

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