Postdoc Position Available – lncRNAs in Breast Cancer Progression

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Requisition Title Post Doc 1
Requisition Number 01273-R

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Job Status Full Time
Position Category Post Doctoral
Education Required Graduate Degree
Experience Required 3 – 5 Years
Position Description Postdoctoral Position Available

A postdoctoral position is currently available, in the laboratory of Dr. David L. Spector, for a highly motivated outstanding individual to study Long Non-Coding RNAs (lncRNAs) in Breast Cancer Progression. lncRNAs are an exciting class of thousands of RNAs among which very few have thus far been functionally characterized. We recently performed an RNA-seq screen in mouse mammary tumors and organoids vs normal mammary glands and identified differentially expressed lncRNAs. The proposed studies will build upon these findings and use innovative methods to interrogate the functional role of specific lncRNAs in mammary tumor initiation, progression, and metastasis, as well as their potential as therapeutic targets. Experience in molecular biology, mouse models, breast cancer, and genomic analysis is a plus.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory provides a highly dynamic and interactive environment for scientific research. In addition, our Meetings and Courses program provides an opportunity for interacting with a broad range of researchers and exposure to timely advances in many areas of scientific research.

Position Requirements Interested individuals within one year of receiving or having received their Ph.D. should send their CV, a statement of research accomplishments and interest in this position, and the names of 3 references to Dr. David L. Spector (

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Representative Spector lab publicatons:

Mao, Y.S., Sunwoo, H., Zhang, B., and Spector, D.L. 2011. Direct visualization of the co-transcriptional assembly of a nuclear body by noncoding RNAs. Nature Cell Biol. 13, 95-101.

Zhang, B., Arun, G., Mao, Y.S., Lazar, Z., Hung, G., Bhattacharjee, G., Xiao, X., Booth, C.J., Wu, J., Zhang,C. and Spector, D.L. 2012. The lncRNA Malat1 is dispensable for mouse development but its transcription plays a cis-regulatory role in the adult. Cell Reports 2, 111-123.

Gutschner, T., Hammerle, M., Eissmann, M., Hsu, J., Kim, Y., Hung, G., Revenko, A.S., Arun, G., Stentrup,M., Gross, M., Zornig, M., MacLeod, A.R., Spector, D.L. and Diederichs, S. 2013. The non-coding RNA MALAT1 is a critical regulator of the metastasis phenotype of lung cancer cells. Cancer Research 73, 1180-1189.

Bergmann, J.H., Li, J., Eckersley-Maslin, M.A., Rigo, F., Freier, S.M. and Spector, D.L. 2015. Regulation of the ESC transcriptome by nuclear long noncoding RNAs. Genome Research 25, 1336-1346.

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