Post-doc and PhD job opportunities

Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics PAS is looking for candidates for three Postdocs and 4 PhD students starting on 1 of October or as soon as possible thereafter.

Szymon Swiezewski laboratory is interested in studying different aspects of seed dormancy regulator DOG1 gene, with an emphasis on novel gene expression regulatory mechanisms in plants. Our work has already helped to understand some of DOG1 expression regulatory mechanisms. We have characterized a non-protein coding antisense transcript at DOG1 locus that controls seed dormancy and acts in cis (1). We also discovered a SWI/SNF based regulatory mechanism operating at 3’ end of genes (2). Our work has led to description of a tight coupling between splicing and transcription at DOG1 and genome-wide in Arabidopsis (3).

We are seeking enthusiastic candidates. We require documented track record of publications and expertise in RNA/chromatin/NGS.

More information on the projects and specific requirements can be found at Please, submit your application including CV and a motivation letter to

Deadline: 10 of September 2017.

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