mi & lncRNA World 2015 Conference


Deepen Your Mechanistic Understanding to Harness the Biomarker, Diagnostic & Therapeutic Applications of mi & lncRNA’s

mi & lncRNA World 2015 will enable you to deepen and broaden your understanding of miRNA and lncRNA mechanisms and functionality. Heighten your focus on the basic, translational, and clinical opportunities of non-coding entities to bridge the gap between basic research and clinical relevance.

With the lncRNA field experiencing an explosion in publications and scientific breakthroughs, mi & lncRNA World 2015 will enable you to understand the fundamental biology and early applications across a spectrum of diseases. Understand how ground-breaking opportunities in miRNA biomarker-targeted research, drug and diagnostic development are being uncovered at an ever-increasing rate.

Channel the latest scientific breakthroughs as you:

  1. Rapidly advance your understanding of the underlying fundamental biology of miRNA’s and lncRNA’s through greater understanding of mechanisms, biogenesis and functionality
  2. Refine the established application of miRNA’s as biomarkers and diagnostic entities with particular focus on blood-based and exosomal vesicles
  3. Bridge the knowledge gap between lncRNA discovery and validation to ensure progression of your most promising candidates through your research and development pipeline
  4. Overcome the key miRNA therapeutic specific challenges, including breaking through the delivery bottleneck and optimizing compound efficacy and safety
  5. Uncover the early biomarker, diagnostic and therapeutic applications of lncRNA’s as understanding of non-coding functionality exponentially increases

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