Long Noncoding RNA HOTAIR facilitates cell proliferation in breast cancer

LncRNA HOX transcript antisense RNA (HOTAIR) is involved in lots of cancers. The pro-survival protein Bcl-w is frequently found in cancer development. However, the effect of HOTAIR on Bcl-w in breast cancer is not well documented. In this study, researchers from Jilin University first evaluated the correlation between HOTAIR level and Bcl-w expression in clinical breast cancer tissues. They observed that the expression levels of Bcl-w were much higher in the breast cancer samples than that in their paired noncancerous tissues. Moreover, the levels of HOTAIR were positively associated with those of Bcl-w in clinical breast cancer samples. As they expected, the researchers observed that HOTAIR was able to up-regulate the expression of Bcl-w in breast cancer cells. Mechanistically, they found that miR-206 was capable of inhibiting the expression of Bcl-w by directly binding to the 3’UTR of Bcl-w mRNA. Interestingly, HOTAIR could increase the expression of Bcl-w through sequestering miR-206 at post-transcriptional level.

MiR-206/Bcl-w signal mediates HOTAIR-accelerating cell proliferation in breast cancer


 (ac) Proliferation was tested by MTT and BrdU incorporation assays in MCF-7 or T47D cells treated with the indicated plasmids or siRNAs. (d) Colony formation of MCF-7 cells was counted post-transfection with the indicated plasmids or siRNAs.

Functionally, these data showed that HOTAIR-induced Bcl-w by miR-206 facilitated the proliferation of breast cancer cells. Thus, the researchers concluded that HOTAIR up-regulates Bcl-w to enhance cell proliferation through sequestering miR-206 in breast cancer. These finding provides new insights into the mechanism of breast cancer mediated by HOTAIR.

Ding W, Ren J, Ren H, Wang D. (2017) Long Noncoding RNA HOTAIR Modulates MiR-206-mediated Bcl-w Signaling to Facilitate Cell Proliferation in Breast Cancer. Sci Rep 7(1):17261. [article]

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