lncRNA researcher at Stanford Medicine named Outstanding Investigator by the National Cancer Institute

The National Cancer Institute has named professor of dermatology HOWARD CHANG, MD as a recipient of the institute’s Outstanding Investigator Awards for 2016.

Howard Chang

Howard Chang

The awards provide funding to investigators with outstanding records of productivity in cancer research. Recipients receive up to $600,000 each year for seven years to pursue or extend research projects of unusual potential.

“This is a great honor and I am delighted to have this opportunity,” said Chang. “We plan to use this award to investigate how a class of genes called long noncoding RNAs are involved in human cancers. We are particularly interested in how long noncoding RNAs may make each cell within the cancer different from one another – a property that makes cancer difficult to treat – and also how specific chemical changes alter the meaning of long noncoding RNAs in cancer.”

Source – Stanford University

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