LncRNA Expression Microarray Platform: Gencode v15

lncRNAWe have created a custom lncRNA expression array design (gencode.v15.lncrna.2probe.version1) with probes targeting the Gencode v15 human lncRNA annotation.

The design file is for the standard Agilent 8x60k expression array format, with two 60mer probes targeting each of 22,001 lncRNA transcripts.
The array also contains 17,535 catalogue probes targeting protein-coding genes. Similar arrays designed against an earlier version of Gencode lncRNA annotations were described in Derrien et al (Genome Res. 2012 Sep;22(9):1775-89).

We are making this design freely available to the scientific community – interested researchers may contact Rory Johnson for more information (rory.johnson@crg.eu).
Because the design is a standard custom Agilent format, researchers can freely order microarray slides for their own projects, or else can employ hybridisation services such as that offered by the Centre for Genomic Regulation Genomics Core Facility.

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