LncReg – a reference resource for lncRNA-associated regulatory networks


Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) are critical in the regulation of various biological processes. In recent years, plethora of lncRNAs have been identified in mammalian genomes through different approaches, and the researchers are constantly reporting the regulatory roles of these lncRNAs, which leads to complexity of literature about particular lncRNAs. Therefore, for the convenience of the researchers, we collected regulatory relationships of the lncRNAs and built a database called ‘LncReg’. This database is developed by collecting 1081 validated lncRNA-associated regulatory entries, including 258 non-redundant lncRNAs and 571 non-redundant genes. With regulatory relationships information, LncReg can provide overall perspectives of regulatory networks of lncRNAs and comprehensive data for bioinformatics research, which is useful for understanding the functional roles of lncRNAs.

Availability: http://bioinformatics.ustc.edu.cn/lncreg/

  • Zhou Z, Shen Y, Khan MR, Li A. (2015) LncReg: a reference resource for lncRNA-associated regulatory networks. Database (Oxford). 2015 Sep 10. [article]

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