Featured Product – Knockdown and detection of lncRNA

Thermo Scientific Lincode siRNA and Solaris lncRNA Expression Assays

  • Comprehensive pre-designed reagents for investigation of human lncRNAs
  • siRNAs with enhanced specificity from the RNAi leaders
  • High-efficiency qPCR assays for specific and dependable lncRNA detection

Lincode siRNAs have been created to support the growing interest in analysis of long noncoding RNAs (lncRNA). As with siGENOME and ON-TARGETplus siRNAs, which target protein-coding genes, Lincode siRNAs are designed with the SMARTselection algorithm to ensure high-efficiency silencing. Lincode siRNAs also carry the ON-TARGETplus dual-strand chemical modifications to ensure optimal strand loading and reduced microRNA-like seed activity for the reduction of off-targets.


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