Featured New Product – The SmartChip Human LncRNA1 Panel

Wafergen BiosystemsThe field of lncRNA research is in the midst of a rapid discovery phase, but that doesn’t mean your reagents have to be“experimental”. In collaboration with Biogazelle, we’ve designed SmartChip Human lncRNA-1 Panels to maximize your investigation of lncRNA expression. They contain over 1700 triplicate, predispensed PCR assays that have been extensively validated and annotated. In addition, we’ve ensured that the lncRNA assays in this SmartChip Panel are both compliant with the Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Real-Time PCR Experiments (MIQE) guidelines, and curated against the latest versions of genomic databases.

Wafergen BiosystemsTo understand lncRNA expression levels across a wide variety of well-characterized biological samples and simultaneously validate the the SmartChip Human lncRNA Panel, we profiled lncRNA expression in the NCI-60 cell lines. These are a set of 59 human, cancer cell-lines derived from diverse tissues, such as brain, blood, bone marrow, breast, colon, kidney, lung, ovary, prostate, and skin. As can be seen in figure below, the resulting heatmap shows that 97% of the 1700 lncRNA assayed are expressed reproducibly in at least one of the cell lines. A snapshot of the tissue-specificity, that appears to be a hallmark of lncRNA expression, was confirmed with well-characterized HULC and GOMAFU lncRNAs.

SmartChip Human lncRNA Panel – Product Note

The SmartChip Human lncRNA1 Panel is ideal for profiling the new and important area of ‘dark matter’ RNA. Simply prepare your sample, and load it into the SmartChip Panel already containing optimized real-time PCR assays in quadruplicate for each of the over 1700 assays with 10 known assays which have stable expression and can be consider ‘endogenous’ controls, and 5 exogenous RT-PCR controls; and reap high-quality results.

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