Featured lncRNA – PTCSC3

Researchers at The Ohio State University describe a unique, long, intergenic, noncoding RNA gene (lincRNA) named Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma Susceptibility Candidate 3 (PTCSC3) located 3.2 kb downstream of rs944289 at 14q.13.3 and the expression of which is strictly thyroid specific. By quantitative PCR, PTCSC3 expression was strongly down-regulated (P = 2.84 × 10(-14)) in thyroid tumor tissue of 46 PTC patients and the risk allele (T) was associated with the strongest suppression. In adjacent unaffected thyroid tissue, the genotype [TT] was associated with up-regulation of PTCSC3. The SNP rs944289 was located in a binding site for the CCAAT/enhancer binding proteins (C/EBP) α and β. The risk allele destroyed the binding site in silico. Both C/EBPα and C/EBPβ activated the PTCSC3 promoter in reporter and the risk allele reduced the activation compared with the nonrisk allele. Restoration of PTCSC3 expression in PTC cell line cells (TPC-1 and BCPAP) inhibited cell growth and affected the expression of genes involved in DNA replication, recombination and repair, cellular movement, tumor morphology, and cell death.

These data suggest that SNP rs944289 predisposes to PTC through a previously uncharacterized, long intergenic noncoding RNA gene (PTCSC3) that has the characteristics of a tumor suppressor.

  • Jendrzejewski J, He H, Radomska HS, Li W, Tomsic J, Liyanarachchi S, Davuluri RV, Nagy R, de la Chapelle A. (2012) The polymorphism rs944289 predisposes to papillary thyroid carcinoma through a large intergenic noncoding RNA gene of tumor suppressor type. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 109(22), 8646-51. [article]

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