Featured lncRNA Job – Staff Research Associate

Job Duties

To provide advanced technical research skills and establish test methods and procedures under the direction of a Research Scientist.

  • Performs, designs and coordinates basic lab experiments (Medium to high complexity) independently and in consultation with supervisor.
  • Perform and assists in basic molecular and cellular experiments including cloning, PCR, gene expression analysis, lipid extraction/analysis.
  • Assists in establishing and maintaining rodent colony.
  • Maintain records, set up breeding cages and timed mating, wean mice, collect tail biopsies, and genotyping.
  • Analyze phenotypes of new mouse strains and crosses: behavioral screenings, measure body weights, excrement collection, treadmill and metabolic profiling.
  • Analyses data (Medium to high complexity).

Job Qualifications

  • Strong foundation in Molecular and Cell Biology including cloning, PCR, tissue culture, Biosafety Level 2, and other techniques.
  • Familiarity with Long Noncoding RNA Biology.
  • Working skills in quantitative and qualitative data analysis.
  • Experience with MS Office Suite, PubMed, and EndNote.
  • Ability to document and archive research programs and processes.
  • Skills to communicate complex information in a clear and concise manner.
  • Ability to shift priorities and adapt to changes. Motivated individual who can maintain a positive and supportive attitude.

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