Featured lncRNA Job – Research Assistant – California Institute of Technology

lncRNAJob Number:103922066
Company Name:California Institute of Technology
Location:Pasadena, CA
Career Focus:Education, Training, & Library

* Our group recently identified a new class of mammalian large non-coding RNA (lncRNAs) with important roles in biology and disease. These lncRNAs exert their regulatory influence on the genome in uncharacterized ways. We are looking for a highly motivated individual to join our integrative computational and experimental team to help characterize the function of lncRNAs. Specifically, this person will develop and optimize methods for systematically targeting lncRNAs, mutagenizing lncRNAs, and synthetically generating lncRNA sequences designed from principles derived in the lab. This work will include design of experiments to create genetic constructs enabling the replacement of endogenous lncRNAs using CRISPR-mediated gene targeting, molecular cloning, and synthetically assembling mutant alleles using high-throughput and scalable approaches. To readout the effects of these mutants, the candidate will be required to perform gene expression readouts (such as RNA-Seq) and functional assays (such as flow cytometry). Training in established techniques will be provided as needed, but the work will require significant independence of day-to-day operations to achieve the overall goals of the project. * The successful candidate will design and perform bench level experiments and small projects that support the overall research objective of an integrative computational and experimental lab in a fast paced and dynamic environment. Will develop and optimize methods for generating synthetic mutant RNA alleles in a scalable manner. Will clone constructs into various expression vectors for different purposes and will transfect into genetic replacement lines developed in the lab. Will use these assembled constructs to measure their functions in embryonic stem cells. Functional assays will include, but are not limited to, RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, RNA Antisense Purification, flow cytometry, and RNA immunoprecipitation. In addition, techniques including, but not limited to, qPCR, immunostaining, and functional readouts will be required for quality control assessment. The candidate will interact directly with senior members of the research team and lab head to ensure proper experimental design, analysis, and technical concerns related to the project. The candidate will adapt easily to changing needs and priorities, facilitate project completion, address technical problems, and summarize and present results. Training will be provided as needed.

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