Decoding Noncoding RNA: Da Vinci Redux?

The discovery by Crick, Franklin, Watson, and Wilkins of the molecule that encodes our genetic information enabled Holley, Khorana, and Nirenberg to break the 4-letter alphabet of DNA and translate it into the language of amino acids by deciphering protein-coding RNA. Recent advances in RNA profiling have revealed that 75% of the human genome is capable of being transcribed into RNA, yet only a small percentage of transcribed RNA codes for proteins. Therefore, the next step in our quest to understand the mysteries of life is to decode the secrets hidden in nonprotein-coding RNA. (read more…)

  • Sandberg K, Samson WK, Hong J. (2013) Decoding Noncoding RNA: Da Vinci Redux? Circ Res 113(3), 240–241.

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