Comparing Machine Learning Based Tools for Long Noncoding Transcripts Discrimination

Long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) is a kind of noncoding RNA with length more than 200 nucleotides, which aroused interest of people in recent years. Lots of studies have confirmed that human genome contains many thousands of lncRNAs which exert great influence over some critical regulators of cellular process. With the advent of high-throughput sequencing technologies, a great quantity of sequences is waiting for exploitation. Thus, many programs are developed to distinguish differences between coding and long noncoding transcripts. Different programs are generally designed to be utilised under different circumstances and it is sensible and practical to select an appropriate method according to a certain situation. Here, researchers from Jilin University summarise several popular methods and their advantages, disadvantages, and application scopes to assist people in employing a suitable method and obtaining a more reliable result.


An overall procedure of eight tools. The features of each tool are sorted into several groups and only the categories of the features are listed in the figure.

Han S, Liang Y, Li Y, Du W. (2016) Long Noncoding RNA Identification: Comparing Machine Learning Based Tools for Long Noncoding Transcripts Discrimination. Biomed Res Int 2016:8496165. [article]

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