Coding functions of “noncoding” RNAs

High-throughput RNA sequencing studies have revealed pervasive transcription of the human genome, which generates a variety of long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) that have no apparent protein-coding functions. Subsequent studies that globally monitor translation have similarly identified numerous translation events outside of canonical protein-coding sequences, suggesting pervasive translation of the transcriptome. However, only a few examples of functional peptides encoded by RNA regions previously thought to be noncoding have been reported to regulate distinct biological processes. Here, researchers from Yale University School of Medicine provide evidence for an expanded repertoire of functional peptides encoded by lncRNAs and other “untranslated” RNA regions.


Wei LH, Guo JU. (2020) Coding functions of “noncoding” RNAs. Science 367(6482):1074-1075. [article]

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