RNA Purification

Isolation of Protein Complexes Associated with Long Noncoding RNAs


Human genome sequencing studies have shown that only 2 % of the human genome consists of protein-coding sequences. They have also shown that up to 90 % of the human genome can be transcribed. The transcripts from nonprotein-coding regions include noncoding RNAs. Long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) are a novel class of noncoding RNAs. lncRNAs have been shown to have important ...

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A multidimensional platform for the purification of non-coding RNA species

A renewed interest in non-coding RNA (ncRNA) has led to the discovery of novel RNA species and post-transcriptional ribonucleoside modifications, and an emerging appreciation for the role of ncRNA in RNA epigenetics. Although much can be learned by amplification-based analysis of ncRNA sequence and quantity, there is a significant need for direct analysis of RNA, which has led to numerous ...

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