HLPI-Ensemble – Prediction of human lncRNA-protein interactions based on ensemble strategy


LncRNA plays an important role in many biological and disease progression by binding to related proteins. However, the experimental methods for studying lncRNA-protein interactions are time-consuming and expensive. Although there are a few models designed to predict the interactions of ncRNA-protein, they all have some common drawbacks that limit their predictive performance. Researchers from Liaoning University present a model called HLPI-Ensemble designed ...

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TPGLDA – Novel prediction of associations between lncRNAs and diseases via lncRNA-disease-gene tripartite graph


Accumulating evidences have indicated that lncRNAs play an important role in various human complex diseases. However, known disease-related lncRNAs are still comparatively small in number, and experimental identification is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Therefore, developing a useful computational method for inferring potential associations between lncRNAs and diseases has become a hot topic, which can significantly help people to explore complex human ...

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