Arraystar to launch Mouse LncRNA Expression Microarray V3.0

lncRNAArraystar is going to launch Arraystar Mouse LncRNA Expression Microarray V3.0! This array is designed for the global profiling of mouse long noncoding RNAs (LncRNAs). In order to detect LncRNAs comprehensively and reliably, we updated the repertoire of LncRNAs represented on the previous Microarray V2.0.
The Arraystar Mouse LncRNA Expression Microarray V3.0 contains the following four important changes from V2.0:
1. Updated and stringent LncRNA collection. The public databases we used as the sources of our LncRNAs have been updated since the release of our V2.0 LncRNA Expression microarrays in early 2011. These databases include NCBI Refseq, UCSC Known Gene 6.0, Ensembl 38.71, Fantom3, RNAdb 2.0, and NRED. In addition, the array contains LincRNA transcripts recently identified by several laboratories and not contained in the public databases. Most importantly, we developed a stringent computational approach to identify LncRNAs from these updated databases and publications, resulting in a more reliable LncRNA collection. (read more…)

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