Arraystar Inc announces the launch of their version 3.0 lncRNA microarray

Arraystar Inc., the industry leader in Long non-coding RNA (LncRNA) analysis, is excited to announce the launch of our version 3.0 LncRNA microarray. LncRNAs are similar to messenger RNAs, yet do not encode proteins. These intriguing transcripts have recently captured the imagination of scientists investigating the regulation and biomarker profiling of animal development and diseases, such as cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Currently available for human, the Arraystar LncRNA microarray V3.0 builds on our best-selling V2.0 LncRNA microarray, providing a wealth of targets at your fingertips. With more than 30,000 probes for LncRNAs, more than 26,000 probes for mRNAs, plus thousands of other non-coding transcripts like pre-microRNAs, you can survey the entire transcriptional landscape-on a single chip!

One single, comprehensive LncRNA database
Arraystar has meticulously assembled the most complete, single LncRNA database available, using well-respected public databases such as RefSeq and Ensembl, as well as ground-breaking, landmark publications.

A solid LncRNA collection you can trust
Arraystar’s talented bioinformatics team has developed a stringent computational filtering protocol to ensure that you get the most reliable body of LncRNAs possible.

Innovative probe design
Arraystar’s specially-designed microarray probes hybridize with exons and splice junctions, with no 3′ bias, enabling detection of multiple transcript isoforms.

Data to further your research
Our LncRNA classification and subgroup analysis, included with your profiling results, helps identify possible functional relationships between LncRNAs and nearby protein-coding genes, to carry your project to new destinations.

For complete specifications of the Arraystar LncRNA microarray V3.0 and information on how to get your LncRNA profiling project off the ground, visit the Arraystar website.

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